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  • RYDE™ Task Chair Features

    HEYES™ Brand introducing the RYDE™ premium task chair, an epitome of comfort and sophistication in ergonomic design. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, RYDE™ sets a new standard for office seating. Its sleek, minimalist aesthetics blend into any contemporary workspace while standard component features tick all the boxes. Seat-Slide depth adjustment, 4-way armrests, Syncro-Tilting and a breathable mesh backrest, RYDE™ ensures optimal posture and alleviates strain during prolonged hours of sitting. With its responsive tilt mechanism and plush cushioning, this chair adapts effortlessly to your movements, providing a seamless seating experience. Elevate your work environment with RYDE™ and redefine the way you sit, work, and achieve. In stock for fast shipping across Canada.

  • High Performance Task Seating

    Three all-new HEYES™ brand high-performance office seating solutions that prioritize comfort, ergonomics, and style. Meet KODE™ | RYDE™ & WIFI™ With innovative designs and attention to detail, our chairs are engineered to provide optimal support for long hours of use. Whether it's a task chair for focused work or an executive chair for a professional setting, HEYES™ brand delivers exceptional quality and functionality to enhance productivity and well-being in the workplace. In stock for fast shipping across Canada.

  • Tiered Seating for Open Spaces

    Exciting news for space planners! HEYES™ brand has introduced the new tiered modular seating, designed for modern school and lounge spaces. Paired with the new sleek personal table, this innovative seating solution is perfect for collaborative work, social and creative brainstorming. Say goodbye to traditional spaces and embrace the flexibility and comfort of HEYES™ modular seating.

  • New ENERGI™ Personal Table

    Our new ENERGI™ Personal Table provides workspace support in lounge seating spaces. A conveniant place to put a laptop, coffee or phone. In stock for quick shipping to dealers across Canada.

  • RATIO™ Series Stacking Chairs

    A modern-design seating series made up of Stacking Chairs, Stools and Task Seating. Multiple sizes allow for uniform classroom layouts from K-12 and Higher Education. In stock for fast shipping to schools across the nation. View complete range

  • Padded Team Benches by ENERGI™

    ENERGI™ Team Benches now available through our dealer network with a padded seat option. Available in stock in 6 colors. Facility-Grade vinyl upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain. Create the perfect touchdown space with robust ENERGI™ Teaming Tables and Benches. #learningcommons #learningenvironments #schoolfurniture #teamcollaboration #energi #channelingbrilliance #softseating #benches #touchdownspace #workspaces #canadianschools #benching #konvo

  • Resilient Soft Seating by KONVO

    Our designs, skills and processes are streamlined and produce a beautiful end result. Clean lines, straight stitching and seams are a testament to the effort our team puts in to every single piece in production. Robust frames padded with the best foam and suspension designs, finally wrapped in soft PU vinyl that is easy to maintain and clean. Facility-grade soft seating since 2002. In stock for fast shipping to dealers across Canada.

  • kiddo™ Soft Seating by ENERGI™

    Based on our original EN807 soft seating range from 2007, kiddo™ - a new smaller scaled version has been launched. With a 14" seat height it is an ideal size for younger grades and smaller users. In stock in Easy-Clean Grey Vinyl upholstery for FAST shipping across Canada. #instock #fastshipping #easyclean #juniorsoftseating #smallseating #ENERGI #affordablesoftseating #miniloungechairs

  • Medicine Wheel Seating by ENERGI™

    Available exclusively through your Konvo Furniture Group Inc. dealer network beginning January 2022. Contact us today for more info: | #softseating #medicinewheel #modularseating #flexseating #konvo #energi #fastshipping

  • Team Bench by ENERGI™

    Introducing the new Team Bench Seat by ENERGI™. Can be used as a solo multi-pupose bench or paired with the Teaming Table Series, sitting height range. Constructed of our thickest core material, the Team Bench is built to withstand heavy use in schools, colleges and social spaces. In stock for fast shipping across Canada.

  • Pneumatic Quick Adjust Desk

    Our Mobile Quick-Adjust desk allows users to vary positions throughout the day. The integrated pneumatic adjustment column allows the surface to reach a height of 42"H. The height adjustment is done by simply pressing on the lever with one hand and pushing the work surface up or down. Whether sitting or standing, your learning, teaching or work space ergonomics will be optimized to their fullest potential. Can be assembled with locking casters or threaded leveler glides - both included. In-stock for fast delivery!

  • Floor Cushions by ENERGI™

    Soft, durable, easy-to-clean Floor Cushion sets by ENERGI™. Add convenient comfort to any floor-time activity with our comfy and vibrant-colored octagon seat cushions. Available in pre-configured 6-Pack sets. In-stock for fast shipping.

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