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  • Pneumatic Quick Adjust Desk

    Our Mobile Quick-Adjust desk allows users to vary positions throughout the day. The integrated pneumatic adjustment column allows the surface to reach a height of 42"H. The height adjustment is done by simply pressing on the lever with one hand and pushing the work surface up or down. Whether sitting or standing, your learning, teaching or work space ergonomics will be optimized to their fullest potential. Can be assembled with locking casters or threaded leveler glides - both included. In-stock for fast delivery!

  • Floor Cushions by ENERGI™

    Soft, durable, easy-to-clean Floor Cushion sets by ENERGI™. Add convenient comfort to any floor-time activity with our comfy and vibrant-colored octagon seat cushions. Available in pre-configured 6-Pack sets. In-stock for fast shipping.

  • Robust Side Tables by ENERGI™

    End Tables and Coffee Tables in stock for quick shipping. Ideal for use in waiting rooms, staffrooms, lounges and social spaces. Built-strong with 1-9/16" thick surfaces and side gables, including a full modesty panel for added support. Pair them together with our easy-clean EN807 Series Lounge Seating to create the perfect space to sit down and relax.

  • Wallmount Boot/Shoe Racks IN-STOCK

    Keep your facility entrances cleaner with the folding ENERGI™ Wallmount Boot/Shoe Racks. These bootracks are ideal for Schools, Offices, Healthcare Facilities and Leisure Centres. In-stock in various sizes and configurations for fast shipping across Canada. #bootracks #shoeracks #cleanentrances #energi #wallmount #instock

  • New GRANDSTAND Seating

    Introducing the new Grandstand Seating modules, Colorful Ottomans and Floor Seating cushions. In stock for rapid shipping across Canada. Our seating lines are designed & built strong for high-wear use in Canadian school spaces, office spaces and social spaces. Our soft PU upholstery is comfy, good looking and easy to clean & maintain. #grandstand #ottomans #modularseating #floorseatcushions #heyes #energi #konvo

  • Versatile Seat Module

    The new Variations Series is an attractive soft seating range. Available in single or double wide modules. Stocked in multiple colors for fast shipping. Ideal for schools, libraries, reception areas, lounges and more. #heyes #softseating #libraryspaces #receptionseating #hallwayseating #schoolloungeseating #learningcommons #21stcenturyschools #easycleanseating

  • Shape Seating Groups by ENERGI™

    ENERGI™ Ratio™ Modular Soft Seating is an affordable solution that can be used strategically in many parts of a school or office to provide a spot for a comfy touchdown to study, read or socialize! The collection of unique pieces can be assembled creatively to help you define space in a larger commons area or to highlight an architectural detail in the space. Change it up with Seasons – Twist, Turn and Rearrange. Nothing is bolted down – the Space can always look New! #softseating #ratioseating #shapeseating #modularseating #learningcommons #21stcenturyschools #instock #fastshipping

  • Phone Booth Seat by ENERGI™

    This striking seat module by ENERGI™ is a great unit for open spaces. It provides a little quiet oasis for students to study, focus and learn. In stock for fast shipping.

  • Ottoman Seating by ENERGI™

    ENERGI™ Ottoman Seating is made up of a series of unique shapes, sizes and colors. In stock for fast shipping. Ideal for school, workplace and social spaces.

  • Quiet PhoneBooth Work Pod

    A perfect getaway to take a call, work, study or learn in an open space. In Stock for fast shipping!

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